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Merchant Sign-up

IIn order to use one-click checkout, you first need to sign up on our website.

Step 1: Personal details#

  1. Enter the following information.

    • Your full name
    • Your registered business email
    • Your website URL
    • Your phone number
  1. Click on "Sign Up as Merchant" button.


Step 2: Account Activation#

After you sign up successfully, QisstPay will send an account activation email on your registered email address. merchant-account-creation-email

Step 3: Merchant Dashboard#

When you click "Activate", you will be sent to your merchant dashboard where you can view your orders, customer details and much more.

Step 4: Reset Your Password#

Click here to reset your password,After entering your email address, select “Forgot Your Password?” to set a new password for your account


Then click on "Send Password Reset Link".


To reset your password, open the email sent by QisstPay and click on reset password. Enter your email address, create a new password, and click on the Reset Password button