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This module shows all the orders placed by customers using one-click checkout.

About orders#

All orders placed by customers are listed in the orders table. This table includes the order number, customer name, pricing plan, order amount, order status, and order date.



A summary of all the entities in the order table.

Order number"Order number" is a unique number assigned by QisstPay to every order placed on your website using QisstPay as a payment gateway. This number is assigned to keep track of customers.
CustomerDetail of the customer who placed an order on your website using QisstPay as a payment gateway.
Pricing plan"Pricing plan" refers to the method chosen by the customer when placing an order.(PAY IN 4, PAY IN 6 etc).
AmountTotal amount of the order placed by a customer.
Created by"Created by" indicates that whether the order was placed on the website or in-store.
Order dateDate at which order was placed.

Payment status#

The Status column informs you of the current status of the payout for each statement.

CompleteThe term "Complete" indicates that the customer has paid QisstPay.
RefundedThe term "Refunded" shows that QisstPay has to process a refund to the customer.
PendingThe term "Pending" refers to a customer who has not yet paid QisstPay.

Order details#

To view order details, click the eye icon at the end of each listed order:


Export Orders#

Click on the export button to export the entire order sheet in an excel or CSV format.