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Getting Started

About One-Click Checkout#

One-click checkout enables merchants and retailers to offer a frictionless checkout experience to their users. Rather than completing a complicated checkout process, customers can complete a transaction in seconds using one-click checkout. By removing the hassle of creating an account, remembering passwords and populating long forms, merchants can drastically improve their conversion ratios and reduce cart abandonment rates. Our service includes all payment methods (Cash on Delivery, Buy Now Pay Later etc.), eliminating the need to integrate each payment method individually.

How it Works#

A one-click checkout button will appear on your product and checkout pages to provide customers with the option of a fast checkout.
When a new user selects one-click checkout for the first time, they will be guided through a simple one-page form that creates an account for them and stores their information to avoid repeat data entry for their next purchase. The journey for a new user includes the following steps:

  1. Enter mobile number
  2. Enter OTP code received via SMS
  3. Enter shipping address & email
  4. Enter OTP code received via email
  5. Select payment method to complete the order When a returning user selects one-click checkout, the process is faster with the following steps constituting their user journey:
  6. Enter mobile number
  7. Enter OTP received via SMS
  8. Select payment method to complete the order After the customer purchases a product using one-click checkout, payments are accepted and processed on your behalf and the order is submitted once the transaction has been approved by the card issuer. The customer is given 5 minutes to edit or cancel the order after which the order is successfully placed.

Integration Process#

One-click checkout can be integrated either within an e-commerce platform, such as WooCommerce, or through direct integration in your e-commerce checkout flow using one of our integration options. Whether you are using an e-commerce platform or have your own custom store, integrating with one-click checkout is as fast and seamless as it gets! To explore both types of integration options, please review our documentation for a detailed explanation.