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From downloading the plugin to processing your first payment, learn how to get started with One-click checkout using a WordPress plugin.

Before you start#

Please check that you have no previous version of the plugin#

  1. Log in to WordPress as an administrator.
  2. In the left menu, click Plugins.
  3. Look for any plugins that have QisstPay in the name. If you find one, click Deactivate then click Delete.

Version of WordPress#

  1. The WordPress version must be 4.4 or greater to integrate with QisstPay.

  2. The WordPress version can be found in the WordPress Admin Dashboard in the bottom right-hand corner.

  3. The WooCommerce version must be 2.6 or greater to integrate with QisstPay.

    WordPress Admin > Plugins > Installed Plugins


Install the Plugin#

Using the WordPress plugin directory#

  1. Log in to WordPress as an administrator.

  2. In the left menu, click Plugins > Add New.


  3. In the search bar in the top right, type QisstPay then press the Enter key.


  4. Click Install Now.


  5. Click Activate.


    After the plugin is activated, you will be taken to the Installed Plugins screen.

  6. Enable Auto Updates.

    Go to plugins-> installed plugins->search for qisstpay->click on enable auto updates.


Configure the plugin#

  1. Navigate to WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to: WooCommerce>Settings>Payments.
  3. Find ‘QisstPay’ and toggle the checkbox.


  1. Locate the ‘QisstPay’ in the plugin list
  2. Click the ‘Manage’ button.


  1. Title Should be ‘QisstPay’.
  2. Description should be ‘QisstPay-4 interest-free installments.
  3. Use ApI key provided by QisstPay
  4. URL is Https://
  5. Set Order status to Complete.
  6. Enable the QisstPay details widget to make sure the product widget will be displayed on your website.


  1. Enable QisstPay one-click checkout to make sure one-click checkout will be displayed on your website with products.


To check orders#

  1. Log in to your WordPress account as an administrator.

  2. Click WooCommerce->orders.


  3. Your test order is displayed and has a status of Processing.

  4. This indicates that the payment has been successfully processed.

After activating the plugin#

After activating the plugin, go to your website and select any product. One-click checkout will be available on every product page.


You did it! Congratulations, you have successfully integrated one-click checkout on your website to offer an exceptional purchase journey to your customers!