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Step 1 : Login to your Bigcommerce store#

  1. From the left hand navigation bar go to > Storefront > Script Manager > Create a Script.

  2. In the create a script form > Add Name and Description

  3. Select the following options

    • Footer
    • Store Pages
    • Essential
    • Script
  4. Upon selecting the script, a text field will populate in which you will add in the script provided by QisstPay.

    Store Front:


    Script Manager:


  5. Add Script in the Create Script Form:


  6. From the left hand navigation bar > Go to Advanced Settings > API Account.


  7. From the Store API Accounts page > Press the Create API Account Button > Select Create V2/V3 API Token.


  8. Scroll down and set the following settings:

    • Orders > Modify
    • Carts > Read only
    • Store Logs > Modify
    • Customers > Modify
    • Products > Modify


  9. Hit Save and a file will be downloaded.

    • The file will include:
    • Access Token
    • Client Secret
    • Client Token
    • Store # hash

    Save and Exit

Step 1 : Linking Store Account To QisstPay Portal#

  1. Login to QisstPay Merchant Portal.

  2. From the left hand navigation bar > Select Site.

  3. From the Site Page, go to Create Site.

  4. Add in Website URL and select Bigcommerce in the platforms drop down option.

  5. The form will open up and will require you to add in the information from the downloaded file. This will include Access Token, Client Secret, Client Token, Store # hash.

  6. Save and Exit.